Tenerife a paradise of luxury and beauty

Tenerife a paradise of luxury and beauty

Tenerife is a place full of charm, and lately one of the best options for those seeking for buy a Tenerife luxury property. And this because of some important factors: beautiful surrounding, great development, paradisiac beaches and amazing weather. If you are one of those looking for a luxury property in Tenerife, www.sun4free.com/property/ , possible can help you in the purchase process.



Thanks to the geographical position, the annual average temperature ranges from 12ºC minimum to 26ºC maximum, with an approximate rainfall of 350 mm / year, being an ideal place for the cultivation of tropical fruits, vine, vegetables and ornamental plants. There are also beautiful villas in a rural area, with modern and luxury properties in Tenerife, worth to consult, if you like a country life.



For Anna Getroffen- “ I recently buy a luxury villa, where we produce some wine, as it is our passion. Tenerife is with no doubt a best place where I can enjoy the sun, beaches, and rural life. All in one place.”

The island possesses two International Airport, what gives good mobility in and out of Tenerife.




Luxury properties around the island, are in a great development, and can attend even the most demanding tastes. Also most the villas has direct access to the coastal strip.

Tenerife with no doubt is a paradise, with varied geography that offers its visitors and lucky residents, landscapes full of volcanoes, waterfalls, beaches and forests.

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